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My baby at four months, with a diceball made by my wife

My bouncing baby boy is rather on the large side. And by that I mean, on a scale from "smol boi" to "mega chonker", he's "o lawd he comin'". As of when I'm writing this he's nine months old, and 79cm / 31.1" tall, which is completely off the top of any growth chart I've found. I challenged the internet to extrapolate his percentile, and estimates start at 99.9th and range upward from there. What I'm trying to say is, he big, and more tall than just heavy.

My baby at nine months, standing against a chair

He's also remarkably good tempered. He loves smiling, he loves attention, and he's happy playing quietly on his own too. It's hard to tell too much about a child's personality from their first year of life, but he's definitely a lighthearted, bubbly little chungus. I look forward to getting to know him better as he grows!

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